Mission Statement

The Project Unity was formed to Uplift, Enlighten and Empower Africans and People of African Descent, Assisting to Promote Peaceful Relationships and Economic Cooperation.

The Project Unity Was formed out of the need to Express the Fundamentals of Togetherness of Africans and People of African Descent, Demonstrating Respect

For themselves, Recognition for Their contributions and Recompense for Their Labor.

The Project Unity is a Tool that could be Used to Bridge Country to Country, City to City, Community to Community, person to Person, Among Africans And People of African Descent Bringing about awareness of each others needs, And Responsibly Utilize our Resources, Know our History, and Chart the course of our own destiny. It is Imperative that we as a people do not let Religion, language, or Culture cause us to identify Ourselves as Different to Our Brothers and Sisters.


The Project Unity is A Blue Print to find common ground for a Peaceful and Progressive Pan-African Society From Africa to Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America and to the ends the Ends of the Earth.

Let Us Stand Up For Each Other and Rebuild Any and All Broken Ties.

History of African Americans in Los Angeles

2412919?profile=original When Los Angeles was first established in 1781, 26 of the 46 original settlers were black or a people with a mixture of African and Spanish origins.

In 1793, Juan Francisco Reyes, a black settler, served as elected mayor of Los Angeles. A member of the 1769 Portola Expedition, Reyes would serve three terms as Mayor.

Pío Pico, California’s last governor under…

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